Perpetual Motion Found

Perpetual motion is reality.
This is legitimate scientific proof of working perpetual motion!

The decision is which cat should I try this on first.

Superman Retires

At the annual Superman Day Parade, Superman announces his retirement. Not everyone in the crowd is pleased.

Cats and Catnip

Cats love the nip.

Male Restroom Etiquette

This should be mandatory instruction in grade school.

Master of the Flying Guillotine

A big fan of the old kung fu movies and this is one of the best.
Where else can a blind man and an one arm man fight to the death?

Trailer Park Boys The Movie: Trailer

Opening October 6th in Canada.
So wish I was there that day.

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager (episode 2)

Honda Element Commercial – No Pinch

One of my favorite commercials.

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager Episode 1

Running the grocery store like the death star eh?

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

A comedy 3,000 years in the making…