Original Penguin Game

Directions: Click on the game, the penguin jumps, click again to have the yeti hit him. Watch him fly.

The original hit the penguin game also known as Yetisports or Pingu Throw. It spawned a whole line of variants. The game was so popular there is a version out for the Xbox.
Yetisports Home Page

  • 530.7 is my current high.

  • New high, 566.9.

  • 578.1, and Shawn cant beat it.

  • Smitty


  • Smitty

    593.5 Bring it

  • Shawn

    593.5 too

  • 586.4 new high for me

  • timmy

    588.3 in like 5 tries

  • timmy

    can anyone get 500 with no bounces?

  • I dont think 500 with no bounces is possible.

  • it is possible i did it

  • alex

    how do you get it so far??