Gene Gene, the Dancing Machine

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, aka Eugene Patton was a member of the stage crew and occasional performer on The Gong Show.

He was one of several amateur performers who would “warm up” and entertain the audience during commercial breaks. Host Chuck Barris found him so entertaining that he had him dance on the show on-air, and he proved so popular that he soon became a recurring act, an occasional judge, and eventually the regular closing act for the show, with the credits regularly rolling over his enthusiastic dancing, often joined by Chuck, the celebrity judges, the stage hands, and whoever else felt like joining in. His attire usually consisted of a green windbreaker jacket, bell-bottomed jeans, sneakers, a yellow polo shirt, and a black painter’s hat.

Tennessee Pride Sausage

We add a dash of X, and a pinch of Z, and for flavor and taste we add Y-9D!

Tastes good as fresh-perked!

1960s Folgers Coffee TV Commercials

In the early 1960’s a good marriage was just a better coffee away. And instant Folger’s tasted great, like ‘fresh perked’. 1 minute TV commericals.

AIG Commercial

Buddy, we’re with AIG.

Jerry Reed

How I knew Jerry.

Bubbles concert liqour and whores

Bubbles and Guns n Roses sing liquor and whores live Halifax NS nov. 20th

Zach Meets The Trailer Park Boys

Zach Selwyn heads north of the border to visit with Canada’s biggest stars.

How not to become invincible.

Filipino Warrior Ritual to project oneself so he says.

‘We’re gonna definitely see some juice today”, indeed.

Ladder For Sale

Its locked into place, indeed.

Halo Commercial

I am not a Halo fan boy, in fact I have never seen the the big draw of the game.
I have tried playing the game (first version) on the xbox and found it frustrating. First person shooters need to be played with a mouse.
Anyway, I found the new Halo commercial very good.

The music is Prelude in D-flat Major Op. 28 No. 15 – Raindrop by Frédéric Chopin, composed in the 1800s. I remember growing up with bugs bunny and how classical music was included into the cartoons, something kids theses days don’t get. So I am glad to see the commercial is so popular, it exposes kids to some very good classical music.

I hope I can get back to learning piano at some point, this is one piece I would really like to be able to play.

Here is a longer version of the music piece.