The BBQ Song

Had some pulled beef bbq for lunch.

Bbq Song (Live With the Homestead Pickers)

Mountain Dew Council of Elders Exiles Non-Radical Teen

From their hidden sanctuary high atop Mount Dew, the Mountain Dew Council Of Elders formally passed judgment on area teen Brian Ruderman yesterday, unanimously ruling him “not radical” and sentencing him to eternal banishment from the Extreme Network.

“To you, Brian Ruderman, we have said in the past, Do the Dew,” Mountain Dew Highfather Snow-boardus the Totally Radical said as the final verdict was delivered. “But from this day forth say we it no longer, saying to ye instead, Brian Ruderman, go forth from this place, leave us, and Do the Dew no more.” ..continue..

My favorite ‘The Onion’ article, good to see their older stuff being put back on the site.

Breastfeeding…at 8.

Many people would find this a bit strange, but I don’t know. The thing is most of us all drink milk, cow milk. Cow milk that is really produced for baby cows. So at 8 years of age it is socially acceptable to drink cows milk, but not human milk? Maybe it is because her daughter gets it right from the source. Would it be any more acceptable if mom pumped the milk and stored it in a container in the frig?

I have wondered why there hasn’t been a market for human milk. Wouldn’t you rather drink milk meant for your species rather than a cow? I guess that would never happen with the amount of milk that is produced along with the impossibility of controlling the womens behavior and diet that would affect the quality of milk.

There are actually human milk banks, one being The Human Milk Banking Association of North America. Kinda like the blood bank, women donate their milk for infants that require it, but for whatever reason can not get the milk from their mother. So its there for those that need it.

Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear

Molten potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts violently with sugar. Gummy bears have lots of sugar in them.

poor gummy

Pork Chocs

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Dipped Pork Rinds

PORK CHOCSTM – CALLING ALL LOW CARB DIETERS! Here’s another unique and original creation from your favorite chocolatiers here at A Bountiful Harvest Designs. We’ve experienced such a huge amount of success throughout the summer months while testing the market in our retail store with this product we just had to add it to our online mall! They’re sweet with a hint of saltiness and crunchy all wrapped up in one! Available in your choice of milk, dark or white sugar free Belgian chocolate they’re a low carb dieters dream come true, high in protein and low in carbs! Heat-sealed for freshness in a clear cello bag. Net Wt 4 oz.

yuuummm. Chocolate covered Pork Rinds. Now doesn’t that sound tasty? They can be bought thru here. I am almost tempted to put them on my wish list. Almost.